Wednesday, March 7, 2007

MetaOlin's MetaLecture

Today's lecture was absolutely fantastic. I cannot remember when the last time I was so thoroughly happy/content/excited was -- incredible.

Ray's lecture was the first time that I thought Meta really lived up to it's promise. The idea of using different mental models is great, but our goal lies largely in the overlap between them. Systems was broad enough that we could fit other modules into it; however, the way that communications was presented allowed us to use it as a paradigm on the same level as our other modules that had incredible overlaps with them instead of as a framework that the other modules fit within. The part of the lecture I found most appealing was that it even ended up having significant overlap with itself. The lecture itself represented a great deal of what Ray was talking about -- it was truly a MetaLecture.

I'm really excited about keeping track of how I learn. All this semester I've been keeping track of the time I spend on each class, and I think adding how I'm spending time on learning (as well as how effective that time is at turning information into working knowledge) will be a great source of insight. So cool.

btw- this post gets to be MetaMetaMetaLecture (post,olin,lecture). Teehee!

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Raymond Yim said...

Thanks Boris. I am glad that you found communications as a useful framework for MetaOlin. I am excited that this view resonates with you all (as supposed to thinking that I am a wierdo =P).

I still need to figure out how to write a MetaComment though =)